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Sports handicapping reviews took the time to list sports handicappers that – as they say – “have a track record displayed somewhere on their website that we have been able to verify. If a handicapper isn’t willing to tell you his results, be careful, as this sports betting service may be a scam.”

“After many years of being scammed by some sports handicapping services and truly being helped by others, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of some of the best sports handicappers that sell legitimate services so that Internet browsers can learn from our mistakes. Rather than giving biased, subjective reviews of the handicappers, only facts will be used on this site.”

Here are the results:

Rank Handicapper Monthly Profit Monthly Price
1 Pro Picks Online $1361.83 $299.99
2 Spider Web Sports $1353.62 $79
3 Timothy Black $1024.5 $150
4 Dave Price $863.5 $349.95
5 Mr. East $797.5 $400
6 Jeff Alexander $690.5 $349.95
7 John Martin $647.5 $299.99
8 Jack Jones $435.5 $349.95
9 Rocky Atkinson $300.5 $249.99
10 Slade Henning $132.5 $279.95
11 Black Widow $120 $300
12 Rob Vinciletti $98 $199.95

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