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Tips and tricks in parlay gambling

As traditional means of making money are constantly losing ground, betting has become one of the favourite sources of profit. Many people are constantly looking for various get-rich quick schemes they can employ, in order to ensure they do not have to work another day in their life. While some are familiar with the methods of calculating the odds and making statistical prediction models, others rely on sheer luck for their gains. However, parlay is not exactly the type of bet that allows a lot of room for error, thus you will need to become familiar with the methods of calculating your odds of winning in order to obtain a profit. But what exactly does parlay betting imply?

Parlay allows a player to place a combo of bets at once, between two and eight. The payoff will earn a successful wager quite a bit more than a single bet. However, if you were to lose at any point in the parlay series, then you will not receive any money at all. Although you risk more with the parlay method of gambling, you stand to earn quite a bit more if you calculate your odds correctly and hit a streak of good luck. Furthermore, the necessary investment for a decent profit is smaller than for conventional bets and there are several ways in which you can minimise the chances of losing.

For once, betting specialists advise players to look for agencies that consider ties as push-downs. While some agencies have this policy, it is advisable to verify before making the actual bet, as it will increase your chances of winning in the eventuality of a draw, instead of losing the entire parlay because of it. However, in case you are playing at a betting agency that considers the ties as a loss, then you need to search for half-spread quotes, as they have the biggest chances of transforming into a clear win or loss.

Furthermore, instead of betting very little cash on a parlay with many games, you should bet a bit more cash on parlay with two, three or four games. For instance, instead of betting twenty dollars on a parlay with five games, you stand a bigger chance of actually winning the same amount of money betting forty dollars on a parlay with three games. Even though you will invest a bit more, the odds will be in your favour. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an easy gain, unless you hit an extremely lucky streak.

At the same time, hedging your bets during the last game of the parlay also provides significantly higher chances of winning. Keep in mind that after a six game parlay, the odds are against you, even though you may consider the game as a fifty-fifty opportunity. However, professional gamblers advise against hedging before the last game of the parlay, as the odds are significantly lower. At the same time, keep in mind that when you bet on different sports teams, you should consider the different methods of rating and ranking. Using the correct ranking as well as rating methods provides a more accurate prediction model than simply guessing the outcome based on your intuition.

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