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Week News

NFL is Back!

Will the Steelers repeat? Will Brady take The Patriots to the SuperBowl again? The 2009 season is full of drama and suspense and you will have many games to great odds this year as the season starts. Look for some serious upsets and place those bets!

Singapore Grand Prix

After such a long time away from Singapore, F1 is back for it’s second race in as many years. If this year’s race gets half the attention that last year’s Singapore Grand Prix has received, than you don’t want to miss placing some bets. Last year’s potential race fixing scandal is still being talked about as the FIA has called Renault to a hearing just before the race. Don’t forget the race is on Sept 25, 26, 27.

A Sure Thing

A match to make some serious money on this month is in American Football. The odds will be definitely in your favour as the bookies do not understand this match-up. Experts suggest to place a bet on Baltimore Ravens beating Cleveland Browns by much more than the spread on Sunday September 27.

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